3 things you should really know before you start email marketing

So you want to start email marketing…

Why not? It’s cheap, easy and proven to give great ROI for so many businesses.

I’ve watched email marketing evolve over the years. Fancy techniques like automation, interactive emails, emojis etc. have finally brought this digital channel into the 21st century.

But if you’re new to email marketing, know that taking your time to lay a good and solid foundation for your email channel will help you years down the road.


3 things you’ll need to know before you start email marketing


 1. Good (and clean) data structure is key

Before you scurry off collecting everyone’s email addresses, have a think about what type data you might need and how you can structure it to meet your goals and business advantage. Don’t collect too little or ask for too much, get what is relevant to your business and its potential marketing activities.

2. Think holistically

Digital marketing can operate individually or as a successful ecosystem. Determine your key objectives and role that each channel plays, and remember to take full advantage of your various marketing channels to help boost another. For example; a successful email campaign could help you determine the best facebook audience for a similar offer.

3. It’s not all about beautiful templates

Beautiful emails are great, and amazing. But the truth is, it is completely useless if nobody wants to open your emails to begin with! Spending bulk time on how email templates look is a common mistake, instead try refocussing your time on optimising your email campaign subject lines, and creating content to make it more relevant for your subscribers.


The email marketing space has endless opportunities, but focus on building that solid foundation and strategy. You’ll be grateful you’ve done so in the months and years to come!


Go forth and craft!

NT x

ps If you’re just getting started with email marketing for your business and want some professional guidance, our Email Kickoff Consult session might just be for you!