Creating an effective CTA is easy – here’s how

Creating an effective CTA is easy – here’s how

Short for Call To Action, CTAs are an essential in marketing. The name says it all – it calls for your audience to take a particular action.

CTAs are everywhere – websites, social media, emails and usually presenting in the form of buttons or hyperlinked text; encouraging people to do what you want them to do – pay, download, click, shop…the list goes on!

However the importance of call to action planning seem to take a backseat more often than not, with many just slapping a basic “click here” for the sake of it. While that may get you a few clicks, it pays to take some time to plan and design your CTAs well.

Use your CTAs as an opportunity to reflect your brand and personality, and think of it as your way of providing directions on your brand journey the reader about to embark on!

Can you imagine if Google Maps didn’t think theirs through and neglected to provide a “Start Directions” button? So many of us would be lost – I know I would!

So how can you come up with a good, effective CTA for your emails? Get started by following these 3 golden rules:

The Trade for Clicks

Getting clicks are like doing a deal. Your readers need to know what they’re getting by giving you their extended attention beyond opening the email. Be clear what they’re about to do or what they’re going to get. Are they about to view your new collection, claim a 15% discount, or will they be added to your mailing list?

Make it POP!

While you can have multiple call to actions in your email, always make sure the one supporting your key message pops the most. Use eye-catching and contrasting colours so it stands out. But always remember to align your colours back to your branding/campaign for consistency!

Location, Location, Location

Place your key CTA strategically and make it easy for your reader to take action as soon as you’ve got their attention. Your CTA has to resonate with any copy that you have placed around it or else readers will just be confused!


Öopenspace – a furniture company based in Perth has done this well by blending all 3 golden rules into one simple space for their recent sale.

A bright red button is placed in their header image to grab readers’ attention immediately following their key message of the 60% sale, telling them that this red button will take them to view all sale items.


Creating a good, effective call to action isn’t difficult, but it does take time to perfect. Don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary or even test different variations to see which resonates with your readers the most.

Go forth and craft!

NT x